Say It With A Condom featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

A few months ago, one of the editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine reached out to us about having our Funny Condom designs featured in the Hot and Healthy section of their January 2014 issue.  Yesterday we checked out the issue and we’re amazed that our condom designs filled the 129th page.  Check out the snapshot we took…


‘Tis the Season to be Festive

Unsure what to get your friends for Hanukkah? Looking for a creative way to show off your Christmas spirit? Don’t fret — Say It With A Condom’s Holiday Collection has you covered.


No need to awkwardly send your pals a variety of impersonal gift cards. Everyone will get a laugh out of our limited edition Hanukkah and Christmas Condom bundles. Give your friend these festive condoms and let them know that they will be stuffing more than just stockings this year.


Our Holiday Collection is just the quirky gift that you’ve been searching for. Order today and soon you’ll be wrapping up more than just the presents under your tree.

In other completely unsurprising news…

BIG NEWS! According to the International Journal of Sexual Health, which published a study on sexual activity at the Rugby World Cup (RWC), more drinks led to more sex…and infrequent condom use. Yes, when people drink they make bad decisions and have lots of sex. I’ll pause to allow that to sink in.

Really, who would have thought that hunky rugby champions who have alcohol handed to them right and left at the event would engage in “RWC-related sex”?

I suppose the lesson here is that women need to be careful around these horny, drunk rugby guys, and maybe those guys should take it easy on the booze. Looks like they don’t get the same number of  free condoms that Olympic athletes do…

Read more about it here.

Amish man wants a glow-in-the-dark “stump to hump”

In an episode of TLC’s “Breaking Amish” that aired on October 14, former Amish man Abe Schmucker visited the Museum of Sex in NYC. During his visit, he purchased some glow-in-the-dark condoms because he wanted to look good when he “covered his stump to hump.”

Maybe we can get Abe a job at Say It With A Condom? I can see it now: Amish Condoms that say things like “Amish couples do it with the lights off” and “Use condoms or risk getting a little buggy.”

We’ll keep you posted on Mr. Schmucker’s sexcapades, not that you’ll need our help…with those glowing condoms, you should be able to see him coming from a mile away.

Read the whole story here!


An egg-cellent new creation from Say It With A Condom!

I_Gotta_Get_Laid_in_hand__37970.1361975657.1280.1280Here at Say It With A Condom, we don’t really care too much about the chicken and the egg. We have a more important question to ask: Who comes first, you or your partner? Whether you come first or last or not at all, we know you’re looking to get laid. If you’re going to make like an egg and get laid tonight, you’re going to need a good icebreaker. This is condom is the answer! Just whip it out and tell ‘em, “I gotta get laid!”

  • Won’t crack under pressure.
  • The perfect thing to keep in your love nest.
  • 99% effective and 100% fun, so no more walking on eggshells in the bedroom.
Get it here for only $3.95!

CONDOM NEWS: Moms everywhere are getting “the talk” all over again

How long has it been since you last considered your mom’s sex life? Far too long, am I right? No? Well, older women are the targets of a new safe sex campaign in Australia, which has gotten people talking. The theory is that women over 50 who are not a part of the “condom generation” haven’t been lectured about safe sex in a a decade or four, so now–when they have erectile dysfunction, fluctuating hormones, and dryness to worry about–is the time to reintroduce the idea that condoms are a must.

Since finding that sexually transmitted infections are showing up more and more in people over 50, Family Planning NSW has put together the Little Black Dress Campaign to encourage safe sex and dispel some common condom myths. Their main message is that “safe sex is an easier conversation to have with your clothes on,” but based on feedback from commenters on the article, the safe sex conversation stopped being easy when it started involving them. What do you tell a horny older guy who says he can’t use a condom because getting it up is already difficult?

It seems that opening up the conversation about safe sex isn’t easy for anyone, but hopefully free condoms and lube will help. If all else fails, maybe the Little Black Dress Campaign can check out our condoms. We have quite a few that are wrinkled for her pleasure.

Read the full article here. 


Hit a home run with the latest from Say It With A Condom!

No_Glove_No_Love_in_hand_copy__30703.1361975942.1280.1280Hey, sports fans! We know you’ve got a big bat and some balls, and you’re ready to round the bases…but wait! Before you hit a home run tonight, Say It With A Condom wants you to remember this one rule: No glove, NO LOVE! Major league pitchers and catchers know that going on the field with no glove is just foul play, so be the talk of the stadium with this new condom!

  • Sure to earn you lots of new fans.
  • Strong enough to last into extra innings.
  • You won’t have to steal home plate…they’ll just give it to you.

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Here’s our new condom, so buy it maybe?

Hey_I_Just_Met_You_in_hand__49731.1361975589.1280.1280Say It With A Condom may be crazy, but we think we’re really on to something here. We’d trade our souls for a wish…that you’ll trade your pennies and dimes for this condom! To be fair, you just met us, but we want you to be able to break the ice in the best way possible when your stare is holdin’ and your jeans are ripped so your skin is showin’. Where you think you’re going, baby? Take out this condom and say, “Hey I just met you & this is crazy…but here’s my CONDOM so call me maybe?!”

  • Before it came into your life you missed it so bad.
  • 99% effective, especially on hot nights when the wind is blown’.
  • Ultra thin so you’ll never feel it in your way.

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Get this new condom before you get screwed!

Picture_7__33938_thumbSay It With A Condom has Obama Condoms and Romney Condoms for all you who have a favorite candidate, but whether you’re a liberal democrat or a conservative republican, one thing is already clear: Either Way, You’re Screwed! Forget about all the debates about taxes, abortion, healthcare, and unemployment. It’s time to worry about yourself. Whether you’re getting screwed a little or a lot this election, we want you to be protected with this new condom!

  • Ultra thin so you know just how screwed you’re getting
  • Extra strong to last the whole term
  • Keeps you 99% protected from everything but the government.

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Thank You to The Frisky!

logo-newThe Frisky has announced the arrival of Say It With A Condom’s newest “political prophylactics,” and we’re so grateful for it! Check it out here!